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Welcome from the Spirit Key team! We teach yoga postures and body-scanning for self-intervention. Everyone is welcome.


What We Do

We are yoga teachers in our beloved city of Manchester. Dedicated to evidence-based yoga posture and body-scanning meditation for use in self-intervention, we will be promoting the healing properties of developing the mind-body connection for the rest of our lives.

These days we are not spending enough time to sense and connect to the feeling of our bodies. If we can learn to care for our bodies and be attuned to all our sensations, however uncomfortable, we might become free of our suffering.

‘The single most important issue for traumatised people is to find a sense of safety in their own bodies’

Professor Bessel Van Der Kolk, President of the Trauma Research Foundation

We aid practitioners learning simple breath and movement techniques derived from traditional yoga postures and body-scanning meditation based on Dr Richard Miller’s yoga nidra research.

We would like to guide every practitioner to be able to use these relaxation tools at any time necessary because we don’t need a yoga mat to simply feel our bodies and consequently feel more at ease.

We at Spirit Key® hope that these practices will soon be understood by the NHS mental health services as being an integral part of prevention and recovery.

Psychiatry needs to breathe.


The Team


Becky Harvey

Becky has an MSc/PgDip degree in psychology from Manchester Metropolitan University, is a member of the British Psychological Society, and is passionate about increasing accessibility to yoga, yoga therapy and counselling.

She has a degree in Law from The University of Manchester and is an advanced yoga teacher certified by the International Yoga Alliance.

Becky has a background in corporate work and yoga became a means to cope with stress. She left this line of work to pursue a career as a psychologist and yoga therapist. Becky is soon to be studying her yoga therapy diploma.

Her personal practice is light-hearted, energetic and nurturing. She is learning to understand her body, anxiety and scoliosis, and cope with the effects of personal trauma.

Becky teaches guided breath-work, dynamic postures and vinyasa flow with intentional movement and long holds (yin yoga). She focusses on guided meditation for finding stillness in the mind and relief from negative thought processes.

Get in touch with Becky to have a chat about what she can offer for you. Call or text her on 07557959623 or email


Dr Matthew May

Matt is a doctor training in psychiatry with a special interest in therapies for low mood, anxiety and addiction.

He trained to be a yoga teacher to join Spirit Key® in providing evidence-based meditation for relaxation to anyone who values a technical, reasearch-based approach.

Breath work, meditation and muscle release are key to his self-practice and teaching and he devotes much of his time to developing knowledge of the evidence behind the brain and body changes that occur through practicing body-scanning and meditation.

He has personally suffered with low mood and anxiety which has been controlled by self-intervention with breath-work, meditation and connection to the body.

“People suffering from trauma or PTSD have often lost their sense of connection with themselves and the world around them. During Yoga Nidra we want to get them in touch, right away, with their deep desire for healing, for feeling reconnected to themselves and the world.”

Dr Richard C Miller, clinical psychologist and creator of iRest


Classes June-July 2019

Yoga in Self-Intervention

Our donation drop-in community class (£5 minimum cash only)


Description: Breath work, posture practice, and body-scanning meditation, suitable for all practitioners

Where: Healthy Spirit, 1st Floor, 37 Barlow Moor Road, Didsbury, M20 6TW

Saturdays 11:00-12:00 and 12:30-13:30

(Except 15th & 29th June & 20th July)




19th-21st July 2019.

We are running the yoga and meditation area at Seed Festival in Stroud

Tickets here



25 May 2019

“I'm not really one for classes. I have a fairly stressful job. I like my own space when I get free time. Attending a yoga and meditation class was, in honesty, not at the top of my list of things to do and that pretty much characterised my mindset until 6 months ago when I first met Becky and Matt at one of their drop in classes. So what's changed and why I am still coming to class every week?

The team - Becky and Matt are genuine, welcoming, caring, intelligent and thoughtful people. They put you at ease from the first minute and are fully supportive of you as a person. They are friendly and interesting people to be around.

There is no pressure - Becky and Matt create an environment that enables you to be yourself, take things at your own pace and adapt to how you're feeling on any given day. Class sizes are small and you never feel out of your depth or embarrassed.

A chance for stillness of mind - attending class is the one time in my week when I can 'get out of my head' and reconnect with my body. It helps me to relax, re-set and re-energise.

A positive impact on my life - In the time I've been attending Becky and Matt's classes I have become a lot more mindful and am developing some ability to transfer the techniques from class into every day life which helps me to manage stress and fatigue better. The blend of meditative, breathing and movement practices developed by Becky and Matt is so helpful.

A shared activity - I attend classes with my wife, Catherine and it's a fantastic way to spend time together. It's always interesting to hear the other's perspective on a class as there are so many different aspects to take away and think about.

Thanks guys for making a real difference.”

Ben Boddice

11 December 2018

“I’ve attended the course. I would totally recommend it to someone who’s never done yoga or someone who’s already done yoga and who’s looking for a meditative approach. They teach you the root of yoga starting with respiration and meditation, going slowly into movement to end up with more physical yoga. Matt is a doctor and Becky is a psychology graduate, so they have a broad perspective and application of yoga, which is reflected by the variety of focus in each class. Both Becky and Matt are very involved, dedicated and passionate about what they’re teaching which makes such a difference”

Ève Gaudechoux

26 November 2018

“I have just completed an 8 week course with the fantastic Becky and Matt. Before the course I had this preconceived notion of what yoga was and this was immediately turned on its head throughout the sessions. I've learned that yoga is far more to do with your mental health as opposed to how flexible you can be! Each week we built on the fundamentals of yoga and ended with the most wonderful meditation. The sessions were carefully thought out and suggestions more than welcomed. I cannot thank and recommend Becky and Matt enough for their kindness, warmth, patience and expertise. I hope to continue my yoga journey with these two lovely people!”

Olivia Marchington